Costa concordia news update

Wreck removal cruise ship MS COSTA CONCORDIA, Isola del Giglio

costa concordia news update

The Costa Concordia is a cruise ship owned by Costa Cruises. It was carrying people when it hit rocks off the coast of Italy on 13 January.

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The refloat of cruise ship MS Costa Concordia has been described as the biggest and most complex wreck removal project ever. The , tons wreck rested on very steep granite rocks and she threatened to break through high waves and 'Halloween storms' on the Mediterranean. The biggest threat was that thousands of tons of serious pollution and waste could end in nature reserves. The wreck removal demanded the greatest dedication, safety and technical ability. The wreck was refloated and towed to Port of Genova in July , for further demolishing and recycling. The newest salvage techniques and ballast control systems were used for the parbuckling and refloating of the wreck. The ballast control system was being used for the digital wireless control and monitoring of all the systems, control rooms, vessels and constructions, during the parbuckling, refloating and towage of the wreck.

By Giulia Crouch For Mailonline. It's nearly five years to the day that the Italian cruise ship the Costa Concordia capsized, killing 32 people. The vessel, carrying 4, people, met a tragic end in January when it hit an underwater rock off Isola del Giglio near Tuscany. Now, half a decade on, the wreckage of the tragic ship is being dismantled in the port of Genoa. The ,tonne ship is unrecognisable as workmen rip it apart for scraps.

The Costa Concordia is a cruise ship owned by Costa Cruises. It was carrying 4, people when it hit rocks off the coast of Italy on 13 January , capsizing near the island of Giglio. Captain Francesco Schettino was arrested, suspected of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Costa Concordia. Costa Concordia Sickened parents slam crazy golf course featuring model of stricken Costa Concordia cruise ship. Costa Concordia Inside the Costa Concordia: Eerie photographs show remains of doomed ship four years on The new images show the shredded remains of the once palatial vessel after it was dredged from the water near Giglio island in Italy.

The Costa Concordia cruise liner, which lay partially submerged off the Italian island of Giglio for more than two years, is now being gradually dismantled after one of the biggest salvage operations in maritime history. The , tonne ship was towed the final miles to the port of Genoa for scrapping in July - after an operation to refloat it, which began in April The ship had been resting on five huge metal platforms, constructed and lowered to the sea bed, since being rolled upright in September The last phase of the operation involved pumping air into massive steel boxes known as caissons, attached to both sides of the hull. This refloated the damaged ship some two metres off the sea bed. It was then painstakingly shifted into deeper water and floated higher, in an operation expected which took several days. Thirty-two people died in the accident, which occurred after Captain Francisco Schettino allegedly steered the ship too close to shore, causing it to hit rocks and partially capsize.

Three years after he lost his life in the Costa Concordia ship capsize off the coast of Italy, Russel Rebello was laid to rest near his home in Naigaon, in Mumbai's outskirts, on Sunday. His remains had been found on November 3, , on the eighth floor of the sunken ship, and Mr Rebello's family have expressed gratitude for the closure. World News Reuters Thursday February 12, An Italian court sentenced the former captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner to 16 years in prison on Wednesday for his role in the shipwreck that killed 32 people off the Tuscan holiday island of Giglio. The Italian ex-captain of the doomed Costa Concordia claimed at his manslaughter trial Saturday that "with 30 more seconds" -- and warning from his crew -- the cruise ship's deadly crash could have been averted. The captain of the Costa Concordia told his manslaughter trial Wednesday that gravity not cowardice had been behind his decision to abandon ship with passengers and crew still aboard.

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