Christopher cross michael mcdonald

Q&A: Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins on their long history as soulful yacht rock bros

christopher cross michael mcdonald

This Is It / Ride Like The Wind - Michael McDonald Kenny Loggins And Christopher Cross

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Millennial hatred of Boomers is a complicated affair. Over the years, my own feelings toward this generation have ossified in nothing short of a smoldering resentment. To better accept the boomer, I needed to better understand the boomer, and to better understand the boomer, I would have to become one for the evening. I shaved myself a mustache, put on an outfit I reckoned my dad would wear, replete with tucked in Hawaiian shirt, and set off to the venue. Looking toward the even tonier seats, the skin and hair only got whiter. My guest and I were the youngest in spitting distance by at least two decades.

Pulling up outside a building, McDonald parks and bolts from the vehicle, entering the building and running down the stairs into what turns out to be a recording studio. He offers a quick greeting as he ducks into the vocal booth just in time to sing his signature background vocal on the hit song. McDonald, masterfully portrayed by Rick Moranis, a regular on the show at that time, pops in and out of the booth, even stopping to sign some paperwork at one point. He was on Steely Dan albums. I think he took the Doobie Brothers to a whole other level. For McDonald himself, the SCTV sketch aired on a night where he just happened to see it when it was broadcast, due to some unusual circumstances. But anyway, we sat on the bed and we smoked this joint and we were talking.

If you know what yacht rock is, it likely immediately gets you excited. The smoothed-out summer jams with a vague nod to oceanic lounging are a thing of ecstatic appreciation to those in the know. Yes, what may have been a tongue-in-cheek joke by fans is now a delightful reason to join and celebrate. Loggins himself made the only reference to it on the night, jokingly referring to Cross as the captain of their ship. You might just be one of the lucky fans on hand tonight that had a ball dancing and singing along to some of the best laid-back singers there ever has been.

And last year they joined Thundercat, the L. How did your careers intertwine? Kenny Loggins: I like to say that Mike and I were writing together before we met. I drove over to his house in Sherman Oaks, was it? Michael McDonald: Studio City. Then he stopped where he had no more ideas, and my imagination kept going and I heard the B section in my head.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Yacht: One Night with Soft Rock's Holy Trinity

It was released in February as the lead single from his Grammy-winning self-titled debut album. On the album's inner sleeve, Christopher Cross dedicated this song to Lowell George , formerly of the band Little Feat , who had died in

Producer(s) Michael Omartian Christopher Cross singles chronology. "Ride Like the Wind" (), "Sailing" (). "Ride Like the Wind" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Christopher Cross. who had died in It features backing vocals by Michael McDonald and a guitar solo by Cross.
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