Presidente della repubblica 2017

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presidente della repubblica 2017

Sergio Mattarella OMRI, OMCA is an Italian politician, lawyer and academic serving as the 12th .. Marco Travaglio and Maurizio Belpietro (editors of Il Fatto Quotidiano and La Verita) criticized .. Casa Rosada - Republica Argentina (8 May ). "Il Presidente della Repubblica Italiana, Sergio Mattarella, accolto dal.

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In , he became an elected judge on the Constitutional Court. His brother Piersanti , former President of Sicily was a victim of the mafia. Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo of a prominent Sicilian family. His father, Bernardo Mattarella , was an anti-fascist who, alongside Alcide De Gasperi and other prominent Catholic politicians, helped found the Christian Democracy DC party, which dominated the Italian political scene for almost fifty years, with Bernardo serving as a minister several times. During his youth, Sergio Mattarella was a member of Azione Cattolica , a large Catholic lay association. In , he graduated in law at the Sapienza University of Rome ; after a few years he started teaching Parliamentary procedure at the University of Palermo.

Below is a list of the presidents of the Italian Republic with the title Presidente della Repubblica since The 12 Presidents came from only six of the 20 Regions : three each from Campania all born in Naples and Piedmont , two each from Sardinia both born in Sassari and Tuscany and one each from Liguria and Sicily. The president of the Republic is elected by Parliament in a joint session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. In addition, the 20 regions of Italy appoint 58 representatives as special electors. Three representatives come from each region , save for the small Aosta Valley which appoints one, so as to guarantee representation for all localities and minorities. According to the Constitution , the election must be held in the form of secret ballot, with the senators, the deputies and the 58 regional representatives all voting. A two-thirds vote is required to elect on any of the first three rounds of balloting and after that a majority suffices.

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Sergio Mattarella

On the occasion of the State visit in Canada to celebrate years of the Federation, on June 28th the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella came to Montreal with a packed agenda., Alfano: "Elezioni febbraio con il consultellum".


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