Lucca comics & games 2017

Fantasy at Lucca Comics & Games

lucca comics & games 2017

were here. Lucca Comics & Games happens from Oct 30 to Nov 3. Send See All. Videos. Lucca Comics & Games - Il poster! K.

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About fifteen days have passed and the organization of the fair, Lucca Crea, has released the official dates for the next year, There had been some doubts about the choice to continue using a formula for 5 days, even. This year the map came out well in advance, as it was usually only a week before. The maps for. This year you did not wait!

Year Lucca Comics and Games can be Heroes It will be dedicated to the Heroes of paper, pixel, celluloid, but above all in flesh and bone heroes who travel to create each year the largest community event in Europe. For a hero, to be such, he travels to the adventure, even though he does not feel ready, even if he is afraid. Through the trials he will face will be helped by his old friends, he will know new ones, and will return transformed. In Lucca, every year, just that. The event is made by fans who make it unique in the world, who live in the first person the favorite author's dream, and create their own: an appointment, a meeting, a new storytelling.

It is the largest comics festival in Europe , and the second biggest in the world after the Comiket. Funding issues reduced the frequency of the festival to every two years, beginning in In the s, the festival was moved to a sports center outside the city walls, where it remained until , when it was moved to another city. Funding issues also forced the cancellation of the festival. After the Salone internazionale del Comics ended in Lucca, city leaders launched a new convention called simply Lucca Comics that was a reprise of the old one. The festival attracted 50, attendees in Meanwhile, the Salone internazionale del Comics was held in Rome from to

Ask the Tuscany Experts on our Forum. Tuscany Homes on AirBnb. Book your Tour. Buy Museum Tickets. Book your Restaurant. From a technical point of view, the convention is divided into Lucca Comics and Lucca Games , the first one being dedicated to comics and animations, and the second to games, from role playing to board games, from medieval games represented in historical settings created for the occasion and Both sections have several areas at their disposal in the very heart of the city, although the Citadel is an area completely reserved to hosting games, exhibitions and contests in an area all over and under the ancient walls of the city, thus offering an incredibly suggestive setting: bastions, fortifications and underground itineraries that were once home, in fact, to the ancient city prisons.

I've been visiting this show since and it grew in all it's aspects. The show now takes place The show now takes place all over the city and on the medieval walls. Although the organisation could not manage the crowd in They learned from their mistakes and did Many of the stands were also placed on the wall. We walked the wall, which offered an amazing view on the city and the possibility to enter the city from different angles.


Lucca Comics & Games


Lucca Comics & Games 2017






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  1. Lucca Comics and Games is a fair dedicated to comics, animation, games role-table, card games , video games and fantasy and science fiction that takes place in Lucca in Tuscany, only about 20 km from Montecatini Terme, in the period from 1 to 5 November, the Festival and from 14 October to 5 November the shows.

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